The Helpful Podcaster

by Mark Steadman

What Should You, Um, Remove From Your Episodes?

26th June, 2023

LinkedIn is awash with people inviting you to check out their latest podcast episode. With so many shows created by smart people in your network, how can it be possible to stand out? No, this isn’t about marketing your podcast; it’s about respecting your listener’s time and giving them the …

Avoid Recording Disasters With a Preflight Checklist

19th June, 2023

There’s nothing worse than getting an episode back from your podcast editor – or editing it yourself – only to find the guest sounds great but Zoom had recorded your laptop mic instead of the one in front of your face. It happens all the time. Whether you’ve already experienced …

Stop Trying to Design Your Own Podcast Artwork

15th May, 2023

Your artwork is the first thing new listeners see, and if they like what they hear, it’ll take up permanent residence on their phones. Getting stand-out artwork for your show might not be as expensive or fraught a process as you think, and it could mean the difference between someone …

One Small Tweak Will Bring Your Listener Closer to You

1st May, 2023

There are three elements of trust: positive relationships, expertise, and consistency. We can show up each week and share our knowledge and insight, but I hear so many podcasters hold their listener at arm’s length, and most of them don’t know they’re doing it. The good news is there’s a …

Introducing The Helpful Podcaster

24th March, 2023

The Podcast Owner’s Manual has rebranded, and is now The Helpful Podcaster.

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If you were already subscribed to the Podcast Owner’s Manual, there’s nothing you need to do, and new episodes will arrive as usual every Monday.

But if you’re new …

Maximizing Your Time as a Busy Podcast Creator

5th February, 2022

Gregory Anne transcribes her audio using Descript, and passes that off to an editor. She’s curious whether it’s worth publishing transcripts, given that she suspects few people will use them, but it’s important for her to make them presentable and accurate.She records her show on Zoom and uploads some of …